Vila Nova de Milfontes Portugal Guide

Vila Nova De Milfontes is a charming town that is situated on the western edge of the Alentejo coastline partway between Lisbon and the Algarve. Surrounding Milfontes is a stunning coastline of rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, both of which are constantly pounded by the ferocious Atlantic Ocean.

Mira River Vila Nova Milfontes

Vila Nova is positioned on the estuary of the Mira River

Milfontes is a fantastic alternative beach resort that is completely undiscovered by foreign tourists. Let us here at show you why you should visit Milfontes and then be your travel guide to this hidden gem of Portugal.

blue skys of Portugal

A statue and the blue sky's of Portugal

If Vila Nova is so good, why do so few foreign tourists go there on holiday?

Few foreign visitors have ever heard of Vila Nova, yet alone visited and this is mainly due to the location of the town. Vila Nova is exactly halfway between both Lisbon and Faro airports (approximately 170km and 2 hours of driving time from both airports), and there is almost no public transport from the Algarve.

Vila Nova is situated the beautiful Costa Vincentina de Alentejano national park. This has ensured that any tourist infrastructure constructed is in keeping with the surroundings and has prevented massive, package tourist developments.

Atlantic Ocean   Vila Nova Milfontes

The beach where the Mira River meets the Atlantic Ocean

Today the sleepy Alentejo town is a popular Portuguese tourist destination but is completely undiscovered by non-Portuguese tourists. Vila Nova De Milfontes is a popular Portuguese tourist resort and is designed for the Portuguese so it offers great value for money.

When best to Visit Vila Nova de Milfontes?

The tourist season of Vila Nova can be simply divided into two sections; The Portuguese summer holiday and outside of the Portuguese summer holiday. During the short Portuguese summer holiday season (End July to end of August) hotels sell out, beaches are busy and public transport is crowded, but there is a real buzz and energy about the town.

Mira River Vila Nova Milfontes

The traditional painted buildings of the Alentejo region

Outside of the Portuguese summer Vila Nova de Milfontes is like every other Alentejo town, with a very slow and relaxed pace of life. Both periods of the tourist season are enjoyable in their own rights, but if visiting during the Portuguese holiday period book your accommodation (and transport) well in advance.

Mira River Vila Nova Milfontes

Vila Nova is a very pretty town

The weather is pleasant enough to spend time on the beach from May until late September while the slightly cooler spring and autumn months are great times to explore the region. The sea is always cold, even in the height of the summer, as it fed by the cold Atlantic Ocean.

What is there to do in Vila Nova de Milfontes?

Other activities away from the beach include cycling or hiking through the national park that surrounds Milfontes and there are many good coastal walks that start from Vila Nova. For the less energetic, there are cafes and bars to spend the day relaxing. Vila Nova is also an ideal base to explore the westerly region of the Alentejo including the cliff hanging town of Zambujeira do Mar, the regions capital of Odemira or the fortified town of Sines.

Costa Vincentina de Alentejano national park

The beaches of the Costa Vincentina de Alentejano national park

What to expect from Vila Nova de Milfontes?

Vila Nova De Milfontes has been developed in a responsible manner, there are no major apartment blocks engulfing the coast, everything still retains the Alentejo small town atmosphere. This lack of development has extended to the regions beaches where as in any other country there would be mass tourism in Milfontes the coastline is wild and rugged. The beaches are ideal for surfing or body boarding due to the massive swells that originate from the Atlantic Ocean and all surfing equipment can be easily hired.

Vila Nova Milfontes beaches

There are so many stunning beaches close to Vila Nova Milfontes

As the resort is designed for the Portuguese there are many reliable and inexpensive coach services connecting to the major towns and accommodation, restaurants and bars in Milfontes are all good value. The final advantage of being aimed at the Portuguese is that their summer holiday season is very short, outside of this beaches are deserted and hotels have plenty of space.

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